Laying hens

Kury nioski rasy Rossa

Traditional layers are best for alternative- free range farming, as well as for egg production.

We offer our clients the popular and valued DOMINANT and ROSA pullets, aged from 6 to 16 weeks

Dominant Blue 107

Dominant Sussex 104

Dominant Barred 959

Rosa 1

Rosa 5

Dominant and Rosa laying hens features:

  • very healthy during both the rearing and laying periods
  • have good laying performance
  • easily adapt to changing environment conditions
  • well utilize feeds
  • have a relatively high body weight after the egg production period
  • perfect for organic and free range farming, as well as egg production

Laying period: 52 weeks
Body weight at 20 weeks: 1.8: 1,8 - 1,9 kg
Number of eggs from 1 laying hen: 260 - 280
Average egg weight: 62 - 64 g
Feed consumption for 1 hen: 130 - 135 g daily

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