Dwie perlice

Sale age:  3 weeks
Target weight:  1.6 – 2.0 kg after 10-12 weeks

Currently, guineafowl farming is not so common, however guineafowls are great source of eggs and meat. They are valued by consumers and perceived as a luxurious product. Eggs of guineafowls have very hard shells, big yolk when compared to other poultry and high nutritional value.

Guineafowl eggs are especially recommended for the diet of children or convalescents. Their laying period begins in the 5th month of their lives and they produce eggs for about one year, reaching 100-150 eggs.

Meat of guineafowls is perceived as a luxurious product. It is delicate, easy to digest and recommended for people with gastric problems and those who follow post-operative diets. Meat of young guineafowls is delicate, tender and gets roasted or cooked very fast. Meat of older guineafowls resembles the flavor of the wild animals.

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