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Brojler Rebo Z na trawie

Broiler Rebo Z

As of recently, the alternative way of keeping chicken broilers has gained tremendous popularity. This trend, can be attributed to the fact that high quality poultry meat is in great demand. The most common way to achieve this is to use a broiler hybrid(characterized by white plummage), which is used for industrial broiler production. However, they are very sensitive to changing external conditions, which in our climate are unavoidable.

Raising them in the free-range way, can lead to a higher mortality rate and the need for medical treatment. Feeding industrial farm broilers can be a challenge, because they require industrial peletted feed. Their carcasses have an unnatural white colour, and the meat has a high fat content.


In order to meet the need of alternative way of keeping broilers, as well as using the experience of free-range broiler production in France, we offer a new chicken broiler hybrid. This hybrid is specifically dedicated for alternative, free-range poultry farming. They are called Rebo Z.

Kura brojler Rebo Z

Brojler Rebo Z


What makes Rebo Z stand out:

  • A carcass that is naturally yellow
  • Meat that has a traditional taste
  • A red plummage
  • Strong legs
  • High vitality

Taste the difference

Meat that comes from REBO Z broilers is characterized by the natural flavour and texture.Dishes prepared from this meat, taste the way they did in the old days.

We offer our customers pre-grown REBO Z broilers:

Selling age: 4 weeks
Targeted weight: 2,2-2,6 kg at 7-8 weeks

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