How we operate

REBOFARM offers own pre-grown poultry - vaccinated, healthy, prepared especially for alternative farming such free-range and organic.

We offer Dominant and Rosa layers, alternative broilers Rebo Z, turkeys Big-6, Mulard ducks Guineafowls and White geese.

Healthy poultry
All bird deliveries have veterinarian certificates confirming their health status, vaccinations and the actual age of birds.

Always to the right place

We own a fleet of specialized trucks which can transport live poultry.

We are able to deliver our birds to every place, on time and in accordance with the order.

Always on time
Truck driver

All our drivers have licenses allowing them to transport animals and they are also well qualified to ensure that birds have optimal transport conditions. Our cars are under constant supervision of the District Veterinary Officer.

Drób niezawodnie

Our offer is dedicated to businesses acting as selling agents of live poultry, interested in long-term cooperation with a reliable supplier.

Our strengths:
  • wide offer
  • high quality of birds which we offer
  • flexibility in accepting your orders and deadlines for deliveries
  • deliveries always made on time and in accordance with the order
ReboFarm. Healthy poultry. Always.